As part of their hold and buy strategy a large quantity of real estate investors seek to reduce costs so as to maximise returns and cash-flow during the holding phase. Small budgets frequently lead to a reduction in quality. Investors typically only start to worry about this when it becomes necessary to react quickly to changing circumstances.  

This is the starting point for our exit-management specialists, who adapt a more far-sighted approach. We act in an advisory capacity or carry through the process as one single real estate management undertaking in the interest of our clients. Our goal is to maintain constant marketability and liquidity so as to be in a salable state at any given moment.

Our concept comprises the structuration and digitalisation as well as the actualisation, completion and checking of all documents. Open risks are consistently reduced, the properties’ potentials are defined on a commercial and technical level and are subsequently realised by the use of a detailed action plan or communicated effectively to potential buyers.

Contrary to ordinary real estate investors we aim to reach marketability as soon as possible. Our mission ends when the defined marketability is reached or the property is sold.

Our model for value creation is thus to take on real estate investments on behalf of our clients, to achieve a visible and significant rise in value and at the same time to achieve marketability so as to ensure a constant capacity to act (real estate mobility) at all times. The sale of the property is either carried out by us, by the owner himself or by a third party elected by the latter.