Dr. Werner Pues

  • Educated in Bielefeld, Cambridge and New York, he went on to work as a lawyer, then as a bank syndic, later as Chief Syndic of the DePfa-Bauboden Bank Group and eventually as their Chief Representative. Dr. Pues has held various executive and directorate positions at the Areal Bank Affiliated Group, and in 2001, he was appointed to the executive board of the Areal Immobilien Management AG.
  • Pues has extensive experience in the field property and finance law, in the control of open and closed property funds, in handling large-scale property credit, and in the rehabilitation of previously unsuccessful real estate investments as well as the marketing of large-scale real estate portfolios.


Nicolas Herrmann

  • Nicolas Herrmann completed his real estate management studies at the HfWU NĂ¼rtingen and the California State University, Fresno and acquired the qualification of a Bachelor of Science. He also holds an MBA in Real Estate Management.
  • Herrmann has worked for Predac group since 2010, and has particular expertise in the structuring and marketing of residential property, both collectively and as part of the division and sale to owner-occupiers and investors, the asset management of large residential property stock, and in creating and implementing extensive inventory developments rental and strategies.


Bianca Bender

  • After her education as merchant of property and housing industry (Chamber of Commerce degree), Mrs. Bianca Bender moved to Wohnbau Mainz GmbH, one of the largest real estate consulting companies in Frankfurt, today trading under BNP Paribas Real Estate, where she held the position of a department manager and real estate business administrator for the care commercial real estate charge. As real estate economist (ebs degree) Mrs. Bender accompanied various property companies in managerial positions.
  • Mrs. Bender has special experience in residential and commercial property and asset management, in the rehabilitation and development of nonperforming real estate and real estate companies.


Kerstin Oellrich

  • After her education at Bremer Landesbank Kerstin Oellrich has been in charge of the lending business and the care of closed funds for many years. In 1994 she joined a renowned northern German specialist in the senior citizen residences and nursing sector. Occupying an executive management position she was responsible of planning and financing of new sites. In addition, she held various positions in charitable support associations of senior citizen residences.
  • After parenting time and her move to the Rhein-Main area Mrs. Oellrich joined the Predac group in 2007. She is responsible for the care of the property funds and individual investors. She has particular experience in the management of institutional and private investors as well as the perception of fiduciary responsibilities.