Concept of success

The success of a property management company manifests itself in the achievement of a reliable and sustainable increase in the overall yield of the property by enhancing the net rental income and improving the building value. We connect ideas, opportunities, markets, properties, investors, banks and tenants to achieve this goal. The cooperation of such a large number of partners requires continuous dialogue and exchange and can be carried through successfully only if all phases of the value creation process are covered by the same company. The information hereby obtained generates a market advantage which we are able to pass on to our customers. Therefore, we have positioned ourselves as a vertically integrated and multidisciplinary real estate management company, which produces solutions for our clients and partners concerning the selection of assets, the purchasing process, the current asset and property management as well as the development and implementation of various exit options.

Within our property management we place special focus on high property mobility during the management stage in order to be able to trade property at the highest achievable prices in the market even at very short notice. Experience shows that real estate investments can often only be adapted with considerable delay to changes in the interest rate environment, the market or the investment strategy. As a consequence, potential is not optimally utilized. To tackle these difficulties, we have specialized in achieving and maintaing great real estate mobilility in order to enable our customers to react with greater flexibility when it comes to the restructuring of their real estate investments in light of changing circumstances.