Dr. Helmut Martin

(b. 1963), 3 daughters, lawyer and real estate economist, after employment as bank syndic and in real estate investment banking, today partner at the law firm Neussel & Martin, Bad Kreuznach, specialized in real estate and finance law.


Dr. Christian Lindenberg

(b. 1953), 2 sons, after education and training to become a lawyer, employed in the central role of asset management at the Deutschen Bank, the Bethmann Bank, and the Deutschen Vermögensberatung (German Investment Counsel), today self-employed.


Volker Hardegen, Senator E.h.

(b. 1941), Honorary Senator, Heidelberg, married, 2 children, M.B.A. in Saarbrücken and Göttingen, since 1973 various managerial positions as executive and/or chief representative in the real estate industry et al. at the NILEG Norddeutsche Landesentwicklungsgesellschaft mbH (Northern German Land Development LLC), at the trust company Jagdfeld und Partner Steuerberatungsgesellschaft mbH (Jagdfeld and Partner Tax Consulting LLC), at the Fundus Funds GmbH and at the Aereal Bank AG. Employment as associate professor and as directorate.